Piano, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Drums, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, and Vocal Classes 


. Music Theory (Written and Aural)
. Music‘garten (3-4 years old)


MUSIC classes are an indispensable component of a well-rounded education. Through music, we develop cognitive skills, personal creativity, discipline, teamwork skills, better concentration, and sensibility to appreciate the different artistic manifestations. When students are involved in a creative atmosphere, they get immersed in an abstract world that makes them produce innovative ideas.

Our music program provides students the opportunity to perform individually and in music ensembles. Vivace offers classes on a variety of musical instruments in which students can begin at a basic level or continue their studies at a more advanced level. Our main goal is to develop a correct technique and to build confidence in the student’s performing abilities. While taking classes in any instrument, students will also develop sight-reading skills and will learn about the music style for each interpretation. A stronger music foundation is achieved in the music theory, solfege, and music history courses. These supplementary courses will create a long lasting understanding of the music compositions beyond just learning to play an instrument.

Vivace Arts Conservatory encourages students to participate in different events throughout the year: Vivace Celebration Concert (December), Florida Federation of Music Clubs (February), Youth Fair (March), Student Day Examination (April), Annual Students Concert (June), Guild Piano Auditions (Summer months), and other festivals and competitions according to the student’s level. All of these events will have an additional registration fee.

Students and parents may select music instruments and classes according to personal interests. If you are unsure which instrument or class is the best choice for your children, our faculty will be happy to assist in finding the most appropriate choice.